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Augmented Reality Development

New interactive modeling technology

Augmented reality was and is a milestone in the way information is presented to users. With this new technology users can see an "improved" version of reality with computer created images which are superimposed on the actual image. All that's needed is a camera and screen (a mobile phone, for example) capable of capturing this information.

The result is a new way of presenting information on user's screens: showing 3D images that interact with real surroundings.

Suprise your clients

After several success stories in which this techology played a role, eMascaró Tourism is convinced that augmented reality is the ideal means to communicate and present your company's information in a suprising and innovative way. Some possibilities:

  • Show a 3D image of your hotel when a mobile is pointed at the hotel's magazine advertisement.
  • Liven up birthday greetings to your most loyal customers by sending customized 3D birthday messages.
  • Increase sales of a particular dish with a 3D presentation in your restaurant's menu.
  • Capture potential client's attention by showing a 3D image of your establishment or of the services that you offer.
Case Studies
Case Studies
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