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Confortel Hoteles

Comfortel Hoteles website revamped

The challenge

Following the strategic consultancy for the chain's old website, Confortel Hoteles - with 20 hotels across Spain - contracted eMascaró Tourism to develop and program the revamping of their online presence.

The challenge was to build a powerful tool that faciliates the updating and editing, both textually and graphically, of the large amount of information generated by the high amount of hotels in the chain.

The project

eMascaró, in a true example of teamwork and coordination between all players, created a new online presence for Confortel Hoteles that included:

  • Customized content manager to manage and update all data from all 20 hotels as well as the site's languages.
  • SEO manager to optimize positioning on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, with automatic sitemap administration, robots, Alexa and meta tag and URL editing.
  • Module to manage the more than 90 meeting and event rooms and their booking forms.
  • Hotel geopositioning and a module to manage the tourist attractions near each of the 20 hotels.
  • Database for sending newsletters, divided by language through the integration of an email management platform.

Key concepts

Due to the significant amount of information generated by a chain the size of Confortel Hoteles it was crucial to properly structure content, not just that visible to site users but the content for administration as well.

Having a tool that provided data centralization and content casade updating that automizes the information shown on each page is essential to the website's return on investment.

Sales conversion is a critical factor in any hotel project's sucess, but the cost of updating and promoting is another import factor that is sometimes overlooked.

  • Customer:
  • Confortel hoteles
  • Pubblication:
  • 17/03/2010
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