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The internet has affected practically all areas of business over the last few years, and the tourism industry is no exception: the entire sector has experienced nothing short of a revolution which has changed the business model as we know it.

Business owners are well aware that the internet and information and communication technologies are changing the way we capture, communicate, manage and sell.

The tourism market currently suffers from a lack of online marketing and communication strategies and properly prepared management, who turn to provider companies to fill this need and guarantee the sucess of online projects.

eMascaró Tourism, with more than 500 projects under its belt and over 10 years of experience in internet, marketing and communication and technological development, offers hotel owners not only personalized service but also the know-how of its consultants.

At eMascaró we believe that consulting is a fundamental process, critical to the success of any project. Some of the services that we offer to help you reach your goals are:

  • Project Audit. Check the real-time status of your online projects 24 hours a day.
  • Strategic Consulting. Backed by our years of experience we help you outline the best internet strategy for your organization.
  • CRM and Content Management. We help you synchronize your databases, opting for a CRM-based approach.
  • Usability Testing: Understand user behavior and make the most of it.
  • Statistical Consulting.


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T_(+34) 902 932 774
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