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iPad Development

Revolution in content creation

From the moment that the launch of the iPad was announced it was easy to imagine the revolution this device would cause in terms of content.

The iPad is here to stay: with a completely new way of interacting with websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines and all types of multimedia content, the iPad offers new ways to control information and to navigate the web.

Born to change and well aware of the challenge this new technology poses, eMascaró Tourism has dived head-on into the design and development of iPad content, taking into consideration the tablet's unique characteristics.

Bigger icons, more visual than textual, roation with orientation, an endless list of new characteristics that lead information providers to consider the huge market that has been created, in many countries even before the product was launched. It's critical to keep in mind the new possibilities that the iPad opens for tourism companies' business strategy.

iPad for tourism companies

The enormous amount of users that already own or want to own an iPad, together with the device's characteristics, make the iPad an ideal tool for checking information before and during a trip. Having iPad adapted content is a necessary strategy for all companies with interests in the tourism sector.



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Case Studies
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