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Marketing for hotels and hotel chains

Effective ways to build business

A constantly evolving market, new platforms and formats, and a new way of communicating. Traditional methods of advertizing, communication and marketing lose ground to the internet, e-mail, blogs, chats, mobile phones, and PDAs, among others.

It's a challenge for any organization to learn strategies on this new playing field, where a different set of skills is required to reach goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Interactive marketing and communication offers infinite possibilities to expand your business and develop your projects, including new monitoring and measuring elements, statistics, follow-up, users, percentages, countires, and geolocation, among others.

Some of our services:

  • Online Marketing Campaigns. Reach your target demographic and generate business through tools like Microspot, electronic newsletters, e-mail marketing or text messaging.
  • Search Engine Optimization. eMascaró Tourism develops a positioning strategy, either organic or pay-per-click, optimizing your campaigns and increasing the return on your investment. We design the strategy, manage your campaigns and optimize results.
  • Blog Marketing. Effective strategies that generate business. Join the blog phenomena with eMascaró.
  • Advergaming. Promote your products and web portals through creative online games.
  • Advertising Campaigns. We manage your online advertising strategy to reach the largest number of internet users.
  • Content Marketing. Generate traffic and publicity through effective digital content.
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T_(+34) 902 932 774
F_(+34) 902 932 775
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