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Mobile Applications

Mobile access for your online projects.

International studies have determined that the integration of mobile phones and PDAs in consumer society and business applications is unstoppable.

The operating systems, interactivity, power and multimedia capabilities of personal devices are constantly evolving, while the speed of wireless and mobile communications has increased drastically.

As a result of these advances the internet has reached all corners of the world, not just via computers but through any PDA or mobile device with 3G coverage.

eMascaró continually innovates new solutions adapted to these evolving devices to increase our cleint's content and service capacity.

  • Web development for PDAs and mobiles
  • SMS Alert and SMS systems
  • CRM and data consultation
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile games


Mobile Content

eMascaró Tourism has taken a giant step ahead of the market by becoming certified to develop applications for the following mobile operating systems:

  • iPhone - SDK
  • Android
  • Blackberry


These certifications allow us to distribute those applications that we develop for our clients through Apple or Android. This not only opens a new world of functionality for our customer's users but also a new revenue stream by selling these applications as well.

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